Christine Teschl possesses a certification from an accredited training program “Get Ripped”. She is First Aid, and CPR certified, and she personally designs her own exercise plans for her participants. During her fitness class sessions, Christine Teschl supervises her participants to ensure that all of the exercise plans that she has drawn up are followed correctly.

Aside from teaching different fitness exercises, Christine Teschl also acts as a motivation coach for students that are interested in achieving a desired weight loss goal. Losing weight can be difficult-especially for people that have tried various dieting and exercising programs with no success. Christine Teschl‘s fitness exercises are centered on helping her students.

With her philanthropic attitude and strong communication skills, Christine Teschl is a great fitness coach. She is great at motivating people and organizing different workout regimens that will suit every student that she teaches. Christine Teschl’s organizational skills are top notch. She carefully crafts different exercise programs every single week.

By incorporating different moves into her routines, Christine Teschl is able to help her students trick their bodies into dropping pounds. Weight loss can be difficult thing to achieve. By escaping repetition, Christine Teschl‘s students have received incredible results from her classes.

The human body is a difficult vessel to manipulate. One thing that is evident about weight loss workouts and fitness routines is if they are not manipulated they can cause muscle awareness. When muscle awareness occurs, the body stops losing weight and stops toning certain areas. By consistently changing the exercise programs, Christine Teschl is able to help her students overcome muscle plateaus.

Christine Teschl has a profound knowledge about anatomy, nutrition, and various positioning and lifting techniques that students should follow in order to gain their desired body shapes. Christine Teschl can help students push their bodies to the limit. Her motivational words and insightful exercise routines have helped tons of people achieve their weight loss goals in a record amount of time.

Christine Teschl is definitely the type of person that you want next to you cheering you on. Her dedication, determination, and her zeal for humanity are just a few of the things that draw people to this self-motivated individual.

As a high-energy, determined and experienced fitness enthusiast, Christine Teschl has been an instructor of the Jari Love “Get Ripped” program for the past twelve years. As a leading instructor for the program, she has focused on helping others reach their fitness goals and experience success in fitness classes that are designed to optimize workout time and produce maximal benefit.

She has been spin certified for 9 years and also teaches Jari Love’s “Get Ripped Ride” for the past five years. Ripped Ride is a high intensity, technical ride in which participants have their heart rates monitored throughout the class.

Christine’s love of teaching fitness programs has led her to train and motivate hundreds of people in the Boot-camps she has facilitated for over nine years. Her many years of experience combined with creative and fun programs will make your training something to look forward to!

Christine also donates her time to after school programs looking to educate children on healthy eating habits and how to exercise safely.


Visiting Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: Closed

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